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The Parenting View podcast is a place to listen to chats about all things parenting! Hosted by Maria Foy - owner of New Zealand's award-winning parenting website Happy Mum Happy Child. For any enquiries, email me on

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    Sharing Responsibilities Around The House

    Do you feel like you do all of the chores around the house? Maria and Lisa Hays chat about the ins and outs of being in a relationship and sharing responsibilities around the house.

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    I Had A Relapse & It Wasn't Good ...

    I had a relapse with my depression and I wanted to share what happened here - it wasn't fun at all, and it was very scary.

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    I Get Mad About Mum Shaming

    I will never understand Mum shaming, so I am having a bit of a rant about it in this episode!

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    Let's Talk About Sex Baby!

    Sex after kids - what's that?! Myself and two guests chat all about how we found sex after kids, and what our sex life is like now.

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    The Anger Was Overwhelming

    Maria openly chats about her struggles with post-natal depression, including a few things you may not know about her ...

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    Introduction - DID YOU KNOW ALL OF THIS?!

    The first podcast for The Parenting View! All about Maria Foy's journey with Happy Mum Happy Child - NZ's award-winning parenting website. Includes some of her ups and downs, what she's learned and also where The Parenting View is heading!